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Welcome! DLF's wiki was created in 2014 for our various interest groups and affiliated organizations to share information, best practices, and community notes. (See the main Digital Library Federation website for info on DLF programs, fellowships, publications, and events.)

This wiki is also the home of our DLF Organizers' Toolkit!

DLF Organizers' Toolkit

  1. About DLF and the Organizers' Toolkit
  2. Working with Team DLF
  3. Starting a New Project or Group
  4. Gathering Info/Building Enthusiasm
  5. Setting Up Conference Calls
  6. General Facilitation and Goal-Setting
  7. Facilitating for Diversity and Inclusion
  8. In-Person Meetups at the DLF Forum
  9. Collaborative Writing and Discussion Groups
  10. Organizing and Sharing Your Work
  11. Preventing and Managing Burnout
  12. In a Nutshell...

Hosted/Sponsored Groups and Projects

DLF Working Groups

Not all DLF groups maintain wiki pages. Find more activity here.

  1. AIG Web Analytics Group
  2. AIG Cost Assessment Group (home of the DLF Digitization Cost Calculator)
  3. AIG Cultural Assessment Group
  4. AIG Metadata Assessment Group
  5. AIG User Studies Group
  1. Resource Sharing and Professional Skills Development Project
  2. #DLFteach DOCC Project

Digitization and CLIR Hidden Collections Resources

These resources may be of particular interest to grant applicants for CLIR's Hidden Collections and Recordings at Risk programs.

Need help?

Contact Team DLF for advice and assistance at any time!