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Endangered Data Week - April 17-21, 2017[edit]

Endangered Data Week is a national series of independently-organized events intended to raise awareness of threats to publicly available data, discuss the power dynamics of data creation, sharing, and retention, and work to make endangered data more accessible and secure.

Visit the Endangered Data Week web site.

Join the kick-off Twitter chat[edit]

Mark your calendar for Monday, April 17th at 3pm Eastern and join us for a Twitter chat to kick off Endangered Data Week. Just follow @CLIRDLF and use the hashtag #EndangeredData to join in.

Questions and Twitter handles for your hosts will be posted to this wiki ahead of time: check back for updated info!

Ideas for events[edit]

If you would like to host events at your institution or in your city, you may use materials in the EDW resources repository or develop your own. If you're hosting an event, be sure to add it to our list of events on the website using the Endangered Data Week submission form.

Consider hosting:

  • Subject-specific workshops or presentations using endangered datasets
  • Lectures or roundtables on issues of transparency, policy, or critical data literacy
  • Workshop/hackathon on organizing, reformatting, or visualizing endangered data
  • DataRescue events
  • Letter writing/advocacy campaigns
  • Data curation workshops or training
  • Data Expeditions
  • Workshops on ways to use archived websites for research
  • Web scraping/web archiving workshops
  • Data storytelling events, using tools like these, from DataRefuge
Don't forget to post your event!

Contribute to the resources repository[edit]

We have started an EDW Resources Github repository, for sharing event materials and ideas. Please contribute! You can do this by submitting a pull request on the Github repository or by emailing blocke at msu dot edu

  • Add the documentation and materials from a workshop you're planning
  • Contribute information to the existing documentation
  • Create a postcard to mail in to legislative officials
  • Design promotional materials for others to use

Media and promotion[edit]

  • The EDW logo and a die cut sticker file are available for download in the Resources repository
  • Contact Kristen Mapes (kmapes at msu dot edu) to request stickers