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The DLF Digital Pedagogy Resource Sharing and Professional Skills Development project formed following the DLF Digital Library Pedagogy group’s first two Twitter chats in early 2016. Group members were looking for opportunities to develop professional skills in teaching with and about digital libraries such as tutorials, webinars, and workshops.

Current projects[edit]

Resource Sharing and Professional Skills Development's first project was an Environmental Scan of existing resources to aid digital library practitioners in finding and developing teaching skills and resources. Additional ideas for future collaboration emerged from the Digital Library Pedagogy Working Lunch at the 2016 Digital Library Forum.


The 2017 phone meeting schedule is:

  • 2/14, 11am CT notes
  • 3/16, 3:30pm CT notes
  • 4/13, 3:30pm CT agenda
  • 5/11, 3:30pm CT
  • 6/8, 3:30pm CT
  • 7/6, 3:30pm CT
  • 8/3, 3:30pm CT
  • 8/31, 3:30pm CT
  • 9/28, 3:30pm CT

Please contact one of the project leaders for information on joining the call.

Who's coordinating?[edit]