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Project to develop a digital library pedagogy DOCC (distributed open collaborative course), as part of the DLF Digital Library Pedagogy Group


  • People who are interested in teaching with digital collections, such as:
    • Digital librarians
    • DS/DH librarians
    • RIS librarians
    • Digital scholars & digital humanists
    • ‘Digital curious’ teaching faculty
    • Library admins
    • College admins
    • DS/DH center admins (especially those outside libraries)

Potential course content[edit]

  • Creating primary source sets for community syllabi like the #blackpanthersyllabus
  • Creating primary source sets
  • Course & syllabus design (see working lunch discussion)

Potential partners or key faculty members[edit]

  • Pedagogy experts
  • Digital collections experts
  • People who’ve done it (what went well, what crashed & burned)
    • One-off vs. class
    • Small college vs. R1

Potential course activities[edit]

  • Creating curricular material as OERs — “teaching as an open workflow"
  • Contributing materials to Project CORA or Humanities Commons or #DLFteach wiki or DLF OSF

Defining 'open' for this DOCC[edit]

  • Conversations in ‘all may come’ but private spaces, which in turn can generate open materials?
  • Not making participants list public? Opt in rather than opt out?

Who’s coordinating?[edit]