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Statement of Purpose

The Infrastructure Working Group works to build a community of sharing information and best practices about the development and maintenance of tools and systems for the curation, preservation, storage, hosting, migration, and similar activities for the long term preservation of digital content.

Current Work Objectives

  • NDSA:Open Source Software Investigate, share, and recognize emerging practices for use and development and sharing of open source tools and other software that enable digital preservation.
  • NDSA:Discussions on Preservation Storage Topics: Summaries and salient points from the WG's bi-weekly open conversation on detailed aspects of preservation storage. Topics discussed: encryption, (others forthcoming).
  • Storage Survey: For the first year the group's primary project was an exploration of member's approaches to storage. We began with an exploration of cloud providers, see NDSA:Cloud Presentations. From there we developed a set of NDSA:Qualitative Storage Questions which 10 members responded to. From there we developed and implemented a survey of the members: Draft Storage Survey. The final report and a series of blog posts on this project are still being finalized.

Potential Future Projects

  • Investigate, share, and recognize emerging practices for use and development of computer forensic tools that enable digital preservation.
  • Encourage communities with highly specialized needs (e.g., geospatial, datasets, observational data) to develop storage networks or access services that can serve the entire community.

Meeting Schedule and Minutes


Participation in the Infrastructure Working Group is restricted to NDSA member organizations. Contact co-chairs Nick Krabbenhoeft and Sibyl Schaefer to join the working group.

Participants in the working group will participate in working group phone calls, undertake tasks to help the working group accomplish goals, and be active in helping accomplish the goals of the working group.

Action Teams may be created around specific tasks. These Action Teams may be self organized by members of the working group and may include non-NDSA members as the work requires. Non-NDSA members will not be participants in the Working Group but may contribute to the activities of any Action Team. Action Teams will update the Working Group about their accomplishments and progress.