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In reviewing the charter at the first meeting several participants asked for clarification on terms. This page provides a home for the definitions of those terms. As a matter of style, when using any of these terms on the NDSA Wiki please provide a link to the anchor for that term on this page. For example this is how to make a link to the term Action Team. The markup looks like this:

[[NDSA:Terms#Action_Team|Action Team]]

Action Team

Action Teams are subgroups of the Working Groups that organize themselves around specific activities as needed, whether to accomplish the work set forth in the Working Group Charter or to pursue other work as it comes up. Action teams can be of any size and around any topic, but should have an Action Team Leader to help organize the work and report back to the Working Group. Action teams are formed to accomplish specific tasks.

Action Team Leader

An Action Team leader coordinates the work of the Action Team and regularly reports back to the Working Group.

Communications Officer

The Communications Officer (CO) is responsible for activities related to member engagement, outreach and content and publications. Please see the CO duties and responsibilities.

Communication Representative

The Member Communication Representative is the contact for discussions about communication about NDSA. This person would contact the LC Communication Representative about coordinating press releases, media coverage, logo usage and other matters as necessary. The Member Communication Representative will also pass on details about all news stories, websites, presentations and other information dissemination efforts relating to member participation in the NDSA; LOC may refer to this information in communicating about overall NDSA activities.

Coordinating Committee

The Coordinating Committee is made up of individual participants from Member organizations. Members of the Coordinating Committee may be nominated by participants in the Alliance or may self nominate. The Members of the Coordinating Committee are voted on by the NDSA Members.

Guest Participant

In Action Teams, a Guest Participant is an individual not associated with an NDSA Member Organization but whose expertise may be important to accomplishing a task. A Guest Participant does not have the right to vote on the whether a working group should pursue a particular task, but may otherwise take part in the work of the Action Team. Guest Participants may be asked to join Action Teams by participants in a working group or may volunteer to act as a Guest Participant. An Action Team may choose to engage with as many Guest Participants as needed.


NDSA Members are organizations that have signed the memorandum of understanding and have organizational participation in at least one working group of the Alliance.

Organizing Committee

A temporary committee made up of NDSA members organizations that volunteered to assist with the organizing activities of the NDSA. This group provided recommendations on the organizational structure of the Alliance with special attention to topics such as Mission and Values, Membership Eligibility, and Principles of Collaboration. Upon ratification of the documents by the NDSA membership, this committee will be disbanded.


Participants are individuals that represent NDSA Members in the activities of the Alliance, whether by participating on Working Groups, Action Teams, or on the Coordinating Committee, etc.

Program Representative

Each NDSA Member has one Program Representative who is the primary point of contact for official NDSA business. This Program Representative votes on behalf of the Member organization and coordinates other participants from the organization to be on the NDSA Working Groups.

Working Group

Currently, there are five established Working Groups focusing on the following areas of digital preservation: Content, Standards and Practices, Infrastructure, Innovation, and Outreach. Members commit to having Participants in one or more Working Groups. Working Groups identify tasks and develop work plans that will be accomplished by participants.

Working Group Co-Chairs

Each Working Group has co-chairs that commit to promoting the tasks of the working group. The Member co-chair directs the activities of the group around areas of interest that have been identified by the participants. Each working group will have a co-chair who is a Library of Congress (LOC) staff member. This LOC co-chair will provide logistical support including facilitating and recording minutes of regular meetings of the group.