2021.04.20 Digital Library Pedagogy Twitter Chat

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"Transcribing Together – Crowdsourcing on Digital Projects"

Collaborative transcription events allow people to gather around a text, to engage with visual and textual material from the past and with fellow participants as they puzzle through the mysteries presented on the page, creating community in new ways. This twitter conversation will discuss how to structure, keep track of, and enjoy engagement with collaborative transcription events. This #DLF chat will be co-hosted by Caterina Agostini (@CateAgostini), Laura Morreale (@LauraMorreale), and Dr. Monica Keane (@monica_keane). Ahead of April 20th's chat, the co-hosts have shared two examples of crowdsourced transcription projects: La Sfera Challenge (transcriptions from which are archived here: [1]) and Image du Monde, (transcriptions from which are archived here: [2]).

This chat is at 2:00 pm EST on Tuesday, April 20th, 2021. Questions will be tweeted from the @CLIRDLF handle. Join in and follow by tweeting with and looking at the #DLFteach hashtag. Questions? Contact the #DLFteach coordinator. All are welcome!


  • Tuesday, 4/13, 1:00 pm CST April’s #DLFTeach chat will be next week, 4/20 at 1:00 pm CST. Join us for “Transcribing Together: Crowdsourcing on Digital Projects.” We’ll discuss engaging with and keeping track of crowdsourced projects. Details at https://wiki.diglib.org/2021.04.20_Digital_Library_Pedagogy_Twitter_Chat
  • Thursday, 4/15, 1:00 pm CST This Tuesday, 4/20 @ 1:00 pm CST, our #DLFTeach chat on crowdsourced Digital Projects. See one of our co-hosts, @LauraMorreale, discuss the benefits of community collaborations here- https://aevum.space/darkarchives/20/21/unedition/community-collaboration
  • Monday, 4/19, 1:00 pm CST Discuss managing crowdsourced projects at tomorrow’s #DLFTeach chat, 1:00 pm CST/2:00 pm EST. All are welcome! Details and discussion q’s at https://wiki.diglib.org/2021.02.16_Digital_Library_Pedagogy_Twitter_Chat
  • Tuesday, 4/20, 12:00 pm CST Join us in 1 hour (1:00 pm CST/2:00 pm EST) to talk about crowdsourced projects! Contribute and/or follow via the #DLFteach hashtag. Info and questions are here: https://wiki.diglib.org/2021.04.20_Digital_Library_Pedagogy_Twitter_Chat
  • Tuesday, 4/20, 1:00 pm CST Hi and welcome! We’re about to start today’s #DLFTeach chat on crowdsourced digital transcription projects with co-hosts @CateAgostini, @LauraMorreale, and @monica_keane
  • Tuesday, 1:01 pm CST Follow via the #DLFteach hashtag from your Twitter account. Questions will be tweeted at intervals during this hour from @CLIRDLF. When you tweet your responses from your account, use the hashtag & reference the question number (e.g., include "A1" when responding to Q1). Thanks!
  • Tuesday, 1:02 pm CST The Digital Library Pedagogy working group, affectionately called #DLFteach, is part of the Digital Library Federation (DLF). For tonight's event and all our work, we follow the DLF Code of Conduct: https://www.diglib.org/about/code-of-conduct/. Please follow this code of conduct as you participate.
  • Tuesday, 1:03 pm CST Let's get started! First, all participants and hosts, please introduce yourselves! #DLFteach
  • Tuesday, 1:05 pm CST Thank you for introducing yourselves and participating! Conversation questions will now be tweeted from the @CLIRDLF handle. Ready? Here we go! #DLFteach
  • Tuesday 1:06 pm CST Q1: How do you recruit and organize participants for a crowdsourced event? #DLFTeach
  • Tuesday, 1:15 pm CST Q2: What tools do you use to facilitate group work on a digital transcription? #DLFTeach
  • Tuesday, 1:24 pm CST Q3: How do you ensure everyone gets credit for work they have done on a collaborative transcription? #DLFTeach
  • Tuesday, 1:33 pm CST Q4: What are some ways you keep track of materials produced during a crowd-sourced transcription event? (One of our co-hosts, @LauraMorreale, helped develop a nifty tool to facilitate cataloging: https://digitalhumanitiesddp.com/) #DLFTeach
  • Tuesday, 1:42 pm CST Q5: What benefits have you seen from hosting or participating in a crowdsourced transcription event? (For more, here’s a blog post on benefits for libraries hosting an event: https://blogs.lib.ku.edu/spencer/manuscript-of-the-month-to-transcribe-or-not-to-transcribe-that-is-not-the-question/) #DLFTeach
  • Tuesday, 1:51 pm CST Q6: (Last question) What challenges have you seen from hosting or participating in a crowdsourced transcription event? #DLFTeach
  • Tuesday, 1:58 pm CST Thanks to all who have contributed to this #DLFTeach chat. This conversation will be archived and posted to the DLF Wiki in the coming days. Look for links to that record at https://wiki.diglib.org/2021.04.20_Digital_Library_Pedagogy_Twitter_Chat#Tweets
  • Tuesday, 1:59 pm CST Look for #DLFteach Twitter chats every other month! The next chat is “Teaching Online and Accessibility During COVID-19” on May 21st, 2021. Get direct updates by joining our Google group https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/dlf-pedagogy
  • Tuesday, 2:00 pm CST Learn more about #DLFteach, what we do, and how you can get involved! https://wiki.diglib.org/Pedagogy