2021.02.16 Digital Library Pedagogy Twitter Chat

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"Invisible labor in 2021 - changes to the workload and balancing new labor demands"

Given that it’s been about a year since the onset of the pandemic in the United States, we’d like to chat with our Digital Library Pedagogy community about how invisible labor (and labor in general) has shifted during this time when many people’s format of working has changed dramatically. Now that many of us have wrangled with new kinds of labor (e.g. balancing childcare with work, connecting remotely, separating work and self-care, etc.), it’s time to discuss the strategies and advice the community has for managing invisible labor. The host is the new Twitter chat coordinator for 2021, Hillary A. H. Richardson (@hillaryAHR) of Mississippi University for Women.

The chat is at 2:00 pm EST on February 16th, 2021. Questions will be tweeted from the @CLIRDLF handle. Join in and follow by tweeting with and looking at the #DLFteach hashtag. Questions? Contact the #DLFteach coordinator. All are welcome!


  • Tuesday, 2/9, 1:00 pm CST Join us next week! At 1:00 p.m. CST for our first #DLFteach chat this year, focused on in/visible labor in 2021, almost a year after the onset of the pandemic. Details at https://wiki.diglib.org/2021.02.16_Digital_Library_Pedagogy_Twitter_Chat
  • Monday, 2/15, 1:00 pm CST Discuss invisible labor in 2021 with us at the next #DLFteach Twitter chat tomorrow 2/16 at 1pm CST/2 pm EST. All are welcome! Details + discussion questions at https://wiki.diglib.org/2021.02.16_Digital_Library_Pedagogy_Twitter_Chat
  • Tuesday, 2/16, 12:00 pm CST In one hour (at 1 pm CST), join us in our first #DLFteach Twitter chat of 2021: “Invisible labor in 2021 - changes to the workload and balancing new labor demands!" Contribute and/or follow via the #DLFteach hashtag! Info & questions at https://wiki.diglib.org/2021.02.16_Digital_Library_Pedagogy_Twitter_Chat
  • Tuesday, 1:00 pm Welcome! This #DLFteach chat is hosted by the 2021 Twitter Chat Coordinator, @hillaryAHR.
  • Tuesday, 1:01 pm Follow along with the #DLFteach hashtag, and don’t forget to include it in your responses, along with the answer number, e.g. A1 (for Q1).
  • Tuesday, 1:02 First, introduce yourself! #DLFTeach
  • Tuesday, 1:06 Q1 (first question!): Since the onset of the pandemic in 2020, which parts of your labor have become invisible? #DLFTeach
  • Tuesday, 1:14 Q2: Which parts of your labor (that were previously invisible) have become visible? #DLFTeach
  • Tuesday, 1:22 Q3: What change in your labor has been worth it? What has been a big ol waste of time? #DLFTeach
  • Tuesday, 1:30 Q4: Are there ways you document your work differently because of these changes? #DLFTeach
  • Tuesday, 1:38 Q5: What strategies for completing in/visible labor have worked for you? How do you stay engaged? #DLFTeach
  • Tuesday, 1:46 Q6 (last one!): We all want to maintain the ever-elusive “work-life balance.” What are some ways you detach? #DLFTeach
  • Tuesday, 1:55 Thank you for participating in this #DLFteach chat! We will archive the conversation and post it on the #DLFteach wiki, so check this URL for the record in the next few days:https://wiki.diglib.org/2021.02.16_Digital_Library_Pedagogy_Twitter_Chat
  • Tuesday, 1:56 To learn more about #DLFteach, what we do, and how you can get involved, including co-hosting one of these chats, visit https://wiki.diglib.org/Pedagogy
  • Tuesday, 1:57 To stay connected and get updates, consider joining the DLF-Pedagogy Google Group https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/dlf-pedagogy #DLFTeach
  • Tuesday 1:58 Look for #DLFteach Twitter chats every other month from the @CLIRDLF handle! Save the date for our next #DFLteach Twitter Chat on April 20 at 1:00 pm central! See the schedule for more info: https://wiki.diglib.org/Pedagogy:Outreach:Twitter