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Past Webinars


17 April 2019
Meg Phillips, External Affairs Liaison for the National Archives, presented on "National Archives Records: NARA Laws, Access, and Public Involvement in Decisions." You can watch to her webinar on YouTube.
1 March 2019
Endangered Data Week Webinar featuring presentations from Manan Ahmed of Torn Apart/Separados, the Stacy Wood, author of The Paradox of Police Data and Gabriel Solis, author of Documenting State Violence: (Symbolic) Annihilation & Archives of Survival View the recording here.
18 January 2019
Laura Sare of Texas A&M University presented on HathiTrust’s Copyright Review of US State and Local Government Documents and The Technical Report Archive & Image Library (TRAIL). You can listen to her webinar on YouTube. (annotated agenda)


12 April 2018
A special presentation on Federal Records Transparency and Immigrant Justice (recording available here), featuring presentations by Emily Creighton (Deputy Legal Director, American Immigration Council), Victoria López (senior staff attorney at the National Prison Project of the ACLU), and Guillermo Cantor (Director of Research, American Immigration Council). Panelists offered an overview of FOIA and records transparency in the context of immigrant justice work; discuss how advocacy, research, and legal challenges to unlawful agency practices are informed by FOIA work; and touch on the particular challenges and rewards of pursuing transparency work in the Trump era.
30 March 2018
Amy West gave a special presentation entitled, "The GOP and the 2020 Census: Why count the population you have when you can make the population you want?" The agenda & minutes for the meeting are also available.


18 August 2017
Title 44 and the Uncertain Future of Free Public Access to Government Info in the US with James Jacobs (audio recording here).
19 May 2017
This regularly scheduled meeting featured a presentation by Amy West on "Census 2020 Data Accuracy." A recording of her presentation is available here, and presentation slides are here (agenda & minutes)
21 April 2017
Endangered Data Week webinar, "Endangered Accountability: A DLF-Sponsored Webinar on FOIA, Government Data, and Transparency". A recording of the webinar is available here. Presenters' Slides: Alex Howard; OGIS; Denice Ross

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