Project Scheduling

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Project Scheduling captures the work that needs to be performed. It may also visualize the steps in the project. Please contribute project scheduling examples to the DLF Project Managers Toolkit.

There are several project scheduling techniques such as PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Technique) or CPM (Critical Path Method).

One important piece is the Work breakdown Structure WBS: can be very high level or more granular

This section compares two methods: gantt charts versus kanban.

Gantt chart = inventor Henry Gantt ca. 1910 bar chart intended to show dependencies of steps.

   Good for thinking through or scheduling in depth projects with lots of interdependent parts (grant projects where reporting out frequently)
   Scheduling - capturing the timeframe

Kanban board = industrial engineer Taiichi Ohno at Toyota way of visualizing work; coming from the Just-in-time manufacturing, movement of materials “supermarket”

   Simplified; works well at high level; keeps things moving quickly (tried and true processes with smaller teams where people already know their role)


There are lots of great articles, presentations and grey lit out there on project management and digital libraries. We've created a Zotero Group library at and encourage you to add more when you read something good.