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2013 Survey

NDSA:August 21, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Survey is CLOSED. Analysis is underway. Contact Abbie if you want to get involved.

Blog post: http://blogs.loc.gov/digitalpreservation/2013/10/archiving-web-content-take-the-2013-ndsa-survey/

Survey questions: http://www.digitalpreservation.gov/ndsa/documents/ndsa_web_archiving_survey_2013.pdf?loclr=blogsig

Survey Data (identifying information removed): File:Ndsa wa survey 2013.xls

2011 survey

The goal of the survey was to find out the scope of collecting web content in the United States: what organizations collection development policies state (if they have one), what they are actually collecting, and what services are being used to archive, among other things.

The Survey was conducted in October 2011 and 91 results were received.

Raw results are here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/sr.aspx?sm=35pr1N8b4guFUbdaGYf08gvZGp99eG9r2dfnbeuOSzY_3d Password is CWG

A final report, completed in July 2012, is here: File:Ndsa web archiving survey report 2012.pdf

See these blog posts for more information:



And an addendum for NDSA members is here: File:Ndsa web archiving survey report 2012 addendum.pdf. Please do not distribute this addendum beyond NDSA members.