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DLF WG on Labor in Digital Libraries, Archives and Museums: Valuing Labor Subgroup

Meeting minutes: May 18, 2018

Note-taker: Amy Wickner

Discuss draft research agenda[edit]

Tasks remaining

  • Supplement reference list
    • information studies
    • STS
    • sociology
    • anthropology
    • social work
    • where/how else are people researching digital labor in ways that are relevant to digital LAM?
  • Format reference list - Chicago
  • References in Zotero
  • Editing
    • Refine / condense / reword as needed, including RQs & projects
      • Karly: focusing on Categories of Labor & Workers & Managers
      • Amy: overall read, intro, email larger group

Copy editing

  • What else?

Prompts for feedback

  • Do these categories make sense?
  • Are we missing key work on digital labor?
  • Do you see your concerns about valuing labor reflected?

Do we want to support people promoting projects related to the research agenda, looking for partners, etc.? How?

  • Giant spreadsheet is one easy idea

Check-ins, news & resources[edit]

Logistics, etc.[edit]

Next meeting Friday, June 15, 12pm EDT