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The DLF CEI Admin Group comprises a small subset of active CEI members and leads the short- and long-term work of CEI. The Admin Group meets monthly and individual members work in between time to address the following areas of responsibility:

  • CEI meetings
    • Maintaining an ongoing CEI meeting invite and managing participants
    • Setting agendas for the CEI meetings
    • Taking meeting minutes
  • Subgroups
    • Ensuring the ongoing stability and leadership of subgroups
    • Ensuring that each subgroup has a yearly work plan with concrete deliverables
    • Delegating work to the Sub-Groups if/as appropriate
  • Facilitating discussion and consensus among CEI subgroups about priorities for each year
  • Onboarding
    • Chairs and vice-chairs of sub-groups
    • New members to the CEI group
  • DLF Forum
    • Producing CEI deliverables around the DLF Forum
      • “Inclusivity at the Forum” (Mostly over the summer, early fall)
        • Creating Accessible Presentations (and general accessibility of the Forum)/Inclusive spaces guidance
        • Code of Conduct
        • Bystander Training
        • Tech advisory
      • Providing updates at the Forum or considering Forum submissions at central level
    • Providing guidance and support on CEI issues related to the annual Forum
  • Recruiting new members
    • Forum is an opportunity for this (November)
    • Monthly communications
  • Communications
    • Communicating monthly and regular updates to the CEI community
    • Reaching out beyond the CEI to highlight group activities and establish broader partnerships
    • Ensuring that the Wiki is regularly updated
    • Communication accomplishments to DLF staff


Members of the CEI and subgroups are recruited on an ongoing basis, primarily through the following:

  • Announcements at the annual DLF Forum
    • DLF working groups receive the opportunity to present on the work of their group during designated sessions. The registration form for the Forum also offers individuals the option to be added to the listservs of different working groups.
  • DLF-Announcements list and Community Calendar
    • Events and meetings are shared to the DLF-Announcements list by CLIR staff on behalf of working groups.
  • Individual CEI members making announcements and calls through their own networks.
  • A recruitment email template can be used as a starting point.

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