Planning an In-Person Meetup

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“Working out practicalities of doing what you love is much more fun together.”—Olivia Thompson

Many DLF groups and communities meet annually at the DLF Forum. In-person meetings can be a great way to give your group a milestone toward which to work, and DLF groups find Forum gatherings a fun way to celebrate accomplishments, generate ideas and goals, welcome new members, and build momentum for the coming year. Our staff are always available to consult, advise, and help with logistics. Possibilities include panel discussions, working lunch sessions (where established DLF groups get special priority), breakfast meetings, workshops, or evening social meetups.

Some examples from recent DLF Forums:

Don’t forget that even off-site DLF group meetings (such as happy hour events and dinners) at the DLF Forum fall under the terms of our DLF Code of Conduct. Please take your responsibility as host seriously, and work to make gatherings safe and enjoyable for everyone.

Table of Contents

  1. About DLF and the Organizers' Toolkit
  2. Working with Team DLF
  3. General Facilitation and Goal-Setting
  4. Facilitating for Diversity and Inclusion
  5. Preventing and Managing Burnout
  6. Gathering Info/Building Enthusiasm
  7. Planning an In-Person Meetup
  8. Setting Up Year-Round Meetings
  9. Talking and Writing
  10. Organizing and Sharing Your Work