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This is a starter-page for the DLF Metadata Support Group!

Metadata is hard. The Metadata Support Group aims to help. This is a place to share resources, strategies for working through some common metadata conundrums, and reassurances that you’re not the only one that has no idea how that happened. If you're coming here with a problem we hope you'll find a solution or a strategy to move you towards a solution!

Read more here about the group's formation and affiliation with DLF.

Metadata Support Group Slack Channel

Review the code of conduct and request an account on the Metadata Support Group Slack to join the conversation.

Getting Started

Standards at the Library of Congress

Metadata: A Primer - Teaching & Learning Technologies Knowledge Center, University of Utah

Common Metadata Standards

Acronym/Abbreviation Full Name Syntax Web site
BIBFRAME Bibliographic Framework Initiative RDF
DC Dublin Core RDF
EAD Encoded Archival Description XML
EBUCore European Broadcasting Union Core Metadata Set RDF
METS Metadata Encoding & Transmission Standard XML
MODS Metadata Object Description Schema XML
PBCore Public Broadcasting Metadata Dictionary Project XML
PREMIS Preservation Metadata Maintenance Activity XML RDF
TEI Text Encoding Initiative XML
VRA Core Visual Resource Association Metadata Standard XML

Email Listservs