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== Group Organizers ==
== Group Organizers ==
* Debbie Krahmer
* [ Debbie Krahmer]
* Gabe Galson
* Gabe Galson
* Hannah Sistrunk
* Hannah Sistrunk

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The IT and Development subgroup will focus on specific software, hardware, and development practices associated with information organizations. Once a list of technologies associated with specific areas is compiled, they will begin addressing the accessibility concerns of specific entries.

Completed Projects

Group Organizers


  • Kristen Heldmann
  • Meg McMahon

Technologies Currently Being Researched

  • Google Docs
  • Google Forms
  • Slack
  • Zotero

Future Technologies to Research

  • Zendesk (possible way to crowdsource accessibility info)
  • Institutional Repositories (bepress, DSpace, etc.)
  • DAMs (Contentdm, Islandora, etc.)
  • Library Systems
  • Virtual Tours