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The User Needs (renamed User Studies) wiki page has moved:
== What are the best methods for assessing user needs with regards to digital libraries? ==
The User Studies Working Group will be compiling resources, conducting research, and drafting literature to assist those who are interesting in evaluating users of digital repositories and their needs.
== Addressing users and user needs: The User Studies Working Group white paper ==
Participants identified four assessment topics to explore during the [ Assessment Breakout Session] at the 2014 DLF Forum:
# User/Usability studies
# Identifying users and uses
# Return On Investment (ROI)
# Reuse of content/what do users do with content
These four groups will make up the focus of a white paper on assessing users and user needs.  The working group will complete a series of tasks to generate the white paper:
# Compile a [ bibliography]
# Develop a literature review -- '''Completed'''
# Draft and publish a white paper -- '''In Progress'''
The working group will publish a draft of the the white paper for public comment prior to the 2015 DLF Forum. The final draft will be released shortly after the forum.
= White Paper Participants =
== Future efforts ==
Future efforts from the group may include generating complementary content, such as:
# Templates/guides
# Toolkits
# Original Research
== Learning more and getting involved ==
The sub-group maintains a [ Google Drive folder], which contains meeting notes and drafts of working documents. If you are interested in participating in one of the tasks, please fill out our [ User Studies Participant] spreadsheet.
If you have any questions, or are interested in participating in the sub-group, please contact [ Santi Thompson].

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The User Needs (renamed User Studies) wiki page has moved: