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=== Checklists ===
=== Checklists ===

* Webaim WCAG 2 Checklist
* [https://webaim.org/standards/wcag/checklist Webaim WCAG 2 Checklist]
* Vox Media Checklist
* [https://accessibility.voxmedia.com/ Vox Media Checklist]
* Expedia Checklist
* [https://accessibility.expedia.biz/ Expedia Checklist]
* WUHCAG: WCAG 2.0 Checklists
* [https://www.wuhcag.com/wcag-checklist/ WUHCAG: WCAG 2.0 Checklists]
* Elsevier Web Accessibility Checklist
* [https://romeo.elsevier.com/accessibility_checklist/ Elsevier Web Accessibility Checklist]

=== Tools ===
=== Tools ===

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This document gathers links, citations, and other resources related to doing an accessibility audit, technologies that may require audits, and resources for developers.

Web Accessibility Audit

Standards Documentation




  • W3C Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools List
  • WAVE Accessibility Evaluation Tool
  • SiteImprove Accessibility Checker: Chrome extension
  • aXe: Chrome plugin for developer tools
  • Accessible Insights for Web: Chrome extension (Microsoft)
  • HTML_CodeSniffer: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE extension
  • The Ace App: EPUB accessibility checker

Screen Reader Testing

  • Testing with Screen Readers Q&A: WebAIM
  • NVDA: Windows, free
  • VoiceOver: Mac OS X and iOS, free
  • JAWS: Windows, paid
  • TalkBack (Android, free)
  • ChromeVox (Chrome, Windows, and Mac OS X, free)

Software Procurement Audit

  • ATAG: Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines
  • Big Ten Academic Alliance
  • Voluntary Product Accessibility Template
    • Guidance on preparing a VPAT
    • How to Read a VPAT
  • Accessible Technology Procurement Toolkit by Disability:INclusive Workspaces

Software or Technology to be Audited

  • Institutional Repositories
    • bePress
  • Commercial Article Databases
  • Video Chat software
    • Zoom
    • LibAnswers
  • Zotero and bibliographic content managers
    • Zotero
    • Mendelay

Web Development

  • Web Accessibility For Developers: Chang school online book
  • Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Fundamentals
  • University of Washington Developing Accessible Website Guide
  • IBM Accessibility Handbook
  • Accessibility Patterns for the Web (ebay)
  • A11y Style Guide
  • MDN Web Docs Accessibility
  • Accessibility Developer Guide Examples
  • SalesForce Accessibility Patterns in Design System
  • A11y Nutrition Cards: To simplify accessible components based on WAI-ARIA
  • WAI-ARIA Accessible Web Interactivity Exercises
  • Udacity Web Accessibility Course by Google
  • Digital A11y Digital Accessibility Courses Roundup (Updated Dec 6, 2019)
  • Section 508 Trusted Tester Conformance Test Process