2016.09.13 Digital Library Pedagogy Twitter Chat

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September 13, 2016 at 2:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Eastern. Join in using the #DLFteach hashtag.


  • Welcome to #DLFteach chat!
  • Today's chat is hosted by members of the #DLFteach Outreach & Collaboration Subgroup and facilitated by @katedohe, @alix_rae, @letsshall.
  • #DLFteach questions will be tweeted from @CLIRDLF.
  • Follow along with the #DLFteach hashtag, & don’t forget to include it in your responses along with the Q number (e.g. Q1)
  • Ready? Here we go! #DLFteach
  • First, please introduce yourself, and tell us your favorite thing to teach! #DLFteach
  • Suggested reading for today’s chat is http://miriamposner.com/blog/commit-to-dh-people-not-dh-projects by @miriamkp #DLFteach
  • Q1: What form does digital pedagogy collaboration take at your home institutions? #DLFteach
  • Q2: What structures of support are crucial to collaborative digital pedagogy? #DLFteach
  • Q3: What sort of themes around collaboration would you like to explore in-depth in the future? #DLFteach
  • Q4: How do we negotiate our roles in digital library pedagogy? Who has domain expertise or responsibility? #DLFteach
  • Q5: How do we seek out opportunities to collaborate? #DLFteach
  • Thank you for participating in today’s #DLFteach chat!
  • Don’t forget to join the Google Group to stay updated! More info at https://www.diglib.org/groups/digital-library-pedagogy #DLFteach