Strategies for Advancing Hidden Collections

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We understand that the six webinars included in the Strategies for Advancing Hidden Collections (SAHC) series only scratch the surface on the issues faced by those dealing with processing Hidden Collections. We hope that the resources assembled below will provide useful information to achieve your project processing goals, supplementing the content of the webinar series.

The below resources have been compiled by a group of experts in the GLAM (Gallery, Library, Archives, Museum) community. We have done our best to present a wide range of solutions and suggestions for a variety of collecting organizations.

Project Coordinator

Joy M. Banks, Consultant


  • Angela Kipp, Collection Manager, TECHNOSEUM and Administrator, Registrar Trek
  • Rosemary Pleva Flynn, Principal Librarian, Library and Information Services Team Lead, Energy and Environmental Research Center (EERC) at the University of North Dakota
  • Sarah Leu, Project Archivist, Historical Society of Pennsylvania
  • Beth Knazook, Library Juice Academy and Queen's University
  • Jessica Bitely, Director of Preservation Services, Northeast Document Conservation Center (NEDCC)
  • Yvonne Ng, Senior Archivist, WITNESS
  • Ellen Ryan, Head of Special Collections and Archives and Assistant Professor, Idaho State University

Curriculum Committee

  • Stephanie Gaub Antequino, Memorabilia Archivist, Planet Hollywood International
  • Casey Davis, Project Manager, American Archive of Public Broadcasting
  • Tamar Evangelista-Dougherty, Consultant
  • Linda Hocking, Curator of Library and Archives, Litchfield Historical Society
  • Daniel Johnson, Digital Preservation Librarian, University of Iowa
  • Holly Mengel, Manuscripts Cataloging Librarian, University of Pennsylvania
  • Matthew Peek, Military Collections Archivist, State Archives of North Carolina
  • Kelly Revak, Processing Archivist, Library of Congress

If you have any suggestions for resources that would be appropriate additions the this resources library, please let us know.

Where to begin: Basics of project planning for GLAM organizations

The resources in this section will help lay the foundation for successful project planning and management.

The webinar recording can be accessed here when available.


Table of Contents

Selecting the best collection management system

Note: Some of these resources may be dated but can still contain useful information. SEE ALSO Collection access: Describing, cataloging, and processing with the future in mind

For all institution types

For Museums

For Libraries

  • The Small Libraries Manager's Handbook, edited by Alice Graves. Includes several chapters on system selection.

For Archives

Table of Contents

Collection Prioritization & Assessment

Table of Contents


Table of Contents

Project Management Tools

Table of Contents

Building resources and relationships: Determining what and who you need

The resources in this section will help guide project managers through the process of estimating project costs, communicating costs with others, and building relationships for support.

The webinar recording can be accessed here when available.


Table of Contents

Buy-in from Board of Directors, Community, Volunteers

Table of Contents

Making the most of people: Recruitment, retention, and recognition

Collection access: Describing, cataloging, and processing with the future in mind

Overcoming project hurdles: Approaches to identifying and managing collection red flags

Closing the loop: Project assessment and leveraging goals for future planning