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Reading Materials and Resources for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Please feel free to add resources, comments, add or change categories, etc.

DEI initiatives in our community

Survey of existing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) committees and initiatives across the GLAM landscape

Approaching difficult conversation

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Implicit bias

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Power dynamics & “imposter syndrome”

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Equality vs. Equity

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Gender Inclusion

Non-binary Gender Identities in Libraries and Beyond: Gender-Inclusive Library Workgroup Report Scholarly Kitchen “International Women’s Day” post: From Diversity to Inclusion and Equity: Moving Beyond Good Intentions A Quick & Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns by Archie Bongiovanni & Tristan Jimerson Top of Page

Inclusion (& Diversity)

List of resources: Two Types of Diversity Training that Really Work: 1) Perspective-taking - mentally walking in someone else’s shoes 2) Goal setting - set specific, measurable, and challenging (yet attainable) goals related to diversity in the workplace ACRL Diversity Standards Blog: 2019 ACRL "Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion" (EDI) series Blog: Inside Higher Ed - Diversity Matters: Social Inclusion Audit: OpenCon’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Report NASIG now has a diversity and inclusion award: To learn inclusion skills, make it personal: Excerpt: “Diversity without inclusion is an empty gesture. Inclusion is a feeling of belonging, and so creating an empowering, embracing, egalitarian environment starts with the heart.” Here’s what your diversity and inclusion initiatives are missing: Excerpt: Support and Amplify All Voices at the Table: "Offering people a seat at the table doesn’t automatically imply everyone has the same power to contribute."..."In reality, intersectionality can only grow and enhance the workplace making sure that diverse voices are not only at the table, but feel supported enough to speak up and speak out." Cultural Heritage Working Group (SAA): The Inclusive Historian’s Handbook: “Making a New Table: Intersectional Librarianship,” Fobazi Ettarh, In The Library With The Lead Pipe, Jul. 2, 2014 “Diversity Matters? Rethinking Diversity in Libraries,” ShinJoung Yeo and James R. Jacobs, Counterpoise 9(2), 2006 “Library Publishing and Diversity Values: Changing Scholarly Publishing Through Policy and Scholarly Communication Education,” Charlotte Roh, C&RL News 77(2), 2016 Top of Page