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Job Boards/Websites

  1. Black Caucus of ALA Job Site
  2. Chinese American Librarians Association Jobline
  3. REFORMA Library Job Openings forum
  4. I Need A Library Job (INALJ)
  5. ALA Joblist
  6. LITA Find a Job
  7. CLIR + DLF Jobs
  8. Local job boards/library schools


  1. EMIERT’s ALA Ethnic + Multicultural Info. Exchange

Rainbow Round Table member discussion list: - join here: American Indian Library Association’s AILA-L: ($50 fee) Spectrum Scholars:

Newsletters: Asian/Pacific American Librarian Association’s newsletter: (fee varies by size of ad)

Twitter: Asian/Pacific American Librarian Association: @ala_apala Black Caucus of ALA Job Site: @BC_ALA EMIERT: @ALA_EMIERT GLBTRT: @GLBTRT REFORMA: @REFORMAnet