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Tips for Auditing Online Conference Platforms

  • Test not only the demo site, but also any widgets that will be embedded in a website.
    • Widgets are a big area where accessibility is overlooked.

Online Conference Platforms

This is a list of online conference platforms and their pages on accessibility (if it exists), as well as any conferences that have used it. Some platforms we have been able to test in the past, but most of the information we have is a year old. We don't endorse any single platform, as each conference has different needs.

Big name conference platforms

These are platforms that have been used by other organizations that members of Digital Accessibility Working Group have attended.

  • Whova
  • Midspace

Other conference platforms

Got more info to share?

Please use this Google Doc to leave a comment about your experience with a platform, or suggest another one for the list. The more information (beyond just the name of a platform) that you can give will help to make sure we get it on this wiki page. This Google Doc contains unfiltered notes about various platforms, many of which may be outdated, that you may find helpful in your own testing.