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== Work Plan ==
== Work Plan ==
[[NDSA:Media:2012-2013_NDSA_Work_Plan.doc|NDSA Work Plan]]
[[NDSA:Media:2012-2013_NDSA_Work_Plan.doc|NDSA Work Plan]]
[[NDSA:Draft New Member Guide]]
[[NDSA:Draft New Member Guide]]
[[NDSA:2016 New Membership & Renewals Process]]
== 2014 National Agenda for Digital Stewardship==
== 2014 National Agenda for Digital Stewardship==
[[NDSA:2014 National Agenda Outline]]
[[NDSA:2014 National Agenda Outline]]
[[NDSA:Submitted Comments]]
[[NDSA:Submitted Comments]]
[[NDSA:Media:2014NationalAgendaforDigitalStewardship.doc|2014 Agenda Planning Document]]
[[NDSA:Media:2014NationalAgendaforDigitalStewardship.doc|2014 Agenda Planning Document]]

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NDSA:Micah Altman, MIT, term ends 2016
NDSA:Jonathan Crabtree, Howard W. Odum Institute for Research in Social Science, term ends 2015
NDSA:Robin Ruggaber, University of Virginia, term ends 2016
NDSA:Helen Tibbo, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, term ends 2014

Commercial Content
NDSA:John Spencer, BMS/Chace, term ends 2014

NDSA:Kate Wittenberg, Portico, term ends 2014

State Government
NDSA:Jim Corridan, Indiana Commission on Public Records and Council of State Archivists, term ends 2015

Advisory Member
Federal Government
NDSA:Meg Phillips, NARA, term ends 2015


Note: minutes were kept independently by the CC in the interim period between Library of Congress and Digital Library Federation secretariat support. From February 2016 forward, the CC is maintaining a list of agenda and action items from each of its monthly calls, with audio recordings of conversation for committee member reference. DLF is currently exploring the best way to share CC notes with the community. Please bear with us as we work to manage past content and consider future options!

NDSA:2014 Oct Regular Meeting, 9 October
NDSA:2014 Sep Regular Meeting, 11 September
NDSA:2014 Aug Regular Meeting, 21 August
NDSA:2014 Jul Regular Meeting, 24 July
NDSA:2014 Jul Agenda Outreach Meeting, 22 July
NDSA:2014 Jun Regular Meeting, 11 June
NDSA:2014 Apr Regular Meeting, 9 April
NDSA:2014 Mar Regular Meeting, 12 March
NDSA:2014 Feb Regular Meeting, 12 February
NDSA:2014 Jan Regular Meeting, 8 January
NDSA:2013 Dec Transition Meeting, 11 December
NDSA:2013 Nov Regular Meeting, 13 November
NDSA:2013 Sep Regular Meeting, 11 September
2013 Aug Regular Meeting, canceled in lieu of a 2014 National Agenda webinar
NDSA:2013 Jul Regular Meeting, 3 July
NDSA:2013 Jun Regular Meeting, 12 June
NDSA:2013 May Regular Meeting, 8 May
NDSA:2013 Apr Regular Meeting, 10 April
NDSA:2013 Mar Regular Meeting, 13 March
NDSA:2013 Feb Regular Meeting, 13 February
NDSA:2013 Jan Regular Meeting, 9 January
NDSA:2012 Q4 Transitional Meeting, 12 December
2012 Q4 Special Meeting, 17 October
2012 Q3 Regular Meeting, 12 September
2012 Q2 Regular Meeting, 24 July
2012 Q1 Regular Meeting, 29-30 March
2011 Q4 Regular Meeting, 13 December
2011 Q3 Regular Meeting, 20 September
2011 Q2 Regular Meeting, 19 July

Work Plan

NDSA Work Plan NDSA:Draft New Member Guide NDSA:2016 New Membership & Renewals Process

2014 National Agenda for Digital Stewardship

NDSA:2014 National Agenda Outline NDSA:Submitted Comments 2014 Agenda Planning Document

Marketing Materials

NDSA Postcard (front)
NDSA Postcard (back)

2014 Elections Candidates

File:NDSA CC Candidates-2014.pdf

2012 Elections Candidates

File:NDSA CC Candidates-2013.pdf