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Here's our working list:
==Current newspapers==
digital eprints and websites of newspapers -  current papers for both of these formats. 
We probably need to work with all sizes of newspapers to see if any publishers are preserving this version and offer help when needed.  [AG: maybe we can create different case studies based on size, there may be differnet challenges with each? or at leat define what the challenges might be?] Need to define what is a major newspaper?  Do we treat separately newspapers that are only digital vs. in print and digital?
*websites for major newspapers such as NY, LA, Dallas, etc. papers
*smaller community papers who may have turned to only web based publication of their newspapers
*Eprints are done by every newspaper that prints copies to sell /for subscribers. 
==News feeds==
*AP content? 
*Any news organization that has RSS feeds that are shot out to aggregators for hosting
==Citizen Journalism, Blogs, and Community news==
*what is the defining difference between news blogs and community sites? includes hyperlocal.
*Born Digital only, not print
*produced by the community?
*Word Press  - less about the platform more about the content being served/who the audience is
blogs independent of other publications
*adding an opt-in option for preservation on blog software
*find them and get permission to capture them 
*need more examples
*user generated content - need to engage local papers (how do they see content as part of the whole).
Sites that are just user generated.
slash dot - news driven that results in long threads from the community
*http://www.everyblock.com/  (and look - possible stakeholders! http://www.rjionline.org/block-block-community-news-summit-2011-participants)
*the patch.com sites
*http://tpssvoice.com  - recently announced they are suspending print, going all digital
*http://annarborchronicle.com (entirely online - intense local focus; professional editor)
*http://annarbor.com (long running print newspaper reborn online - print reduced to once a week; analog clippings and photos collections donated to Ann Arbor District Library)
==Broadcast news==
We need to bring in someone who better understands the process of capturing this and TV news programs…
Both IA and SCOLA are doing some of this. LOC A/V center?

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