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Related Groups, Initiatives, and Resources

This wiki page collects information about groups and campaigns working on labor issues in and adjacent to libraries, archives, and museums. Assembled and maintained by the DLF Labor Working Group.

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Group/Campaign Issues Covered Initiatives Resources Bibliography Communication Channels
American Alliance of Museums hiring, salaries, volunteers, gender equity

Salary Negotiation

National Museum Salary Survey

Equitable Hiring Practices

Resources for the Museum Industry to Discuss the Issue of Unpaid Internships

For Love or Money: Confronting the State of Museum Salaries




American Association of University Professors temporary positions, unions

One Faculty

AAUP Collective Bargaining Congress

Resources on Contingent Positions

Resources on Collective Bargaining

Reports & Publications

AAUP Updates



American Historical Association hiring, temporary position, unions

Guidelines for First-Round Interviews (2019)

Standards for Part-Time, Adjunct and Contingent Faculty (2011)

Statement on Right to Engage in Collective Bargaining (2019)



Archives & Records Association (UK) salaries, volunteers Pay Review 2018

• Volunteering in Collections Care Best Practices Guidelines & Research Report

ARA Pay Review Group Summary (August 2018)

ARA Pay Review Group Freelance Summary (August 2018)

Archivist Salary Advocacy salaries Salary Spreadsheet Google Group
ARLIS/NA Advocacy & Public Policy Committee hiring, internships, salaries News Alerts (see “Workplace” section) Statement on Staff Reductions in Art Museum Libraries and Visual Resources Collections (December 2013)
Art + Museum Transparency internships, salaries, unions

Salary Spreadsheet (began 2019)

Internship Spreadsheet (began 2019)

Unions for All: Unionizing Museum and Arts Workers



Association of Art Museum Directors internships, salaries Annual salary survey Association of Art Museum Directors Passes Resolution Urging Art Museums to Provide Paid Internships (June 20, 2019)



Coalition on the Academic Workforce temporary positions A Portrait of Part-Time Faculty Members: A Summary of Findings on Part-Time Faculty Respondents to the Coalition on the Academic Workforce Survey of Contingent Faculty Members and Instructors (2012)
Collective Responsibility: National Forum on Labor Practices for Grant-Funded Digital Positions temporary positions

• advocacy toolkit

• network for contingent workers

• How to Talk About Collective Responsibility at Work

• guidelines for grantmaking

Attendee posts

Collective Responsibility: Seeking Equity for Contingent Labor in Libraries, Archives, and Museums (September 2019)



Crowd Consortium volunteers Best Practices for Crowdsourcing Across the Disciplines (May 6, 2015)
DLF Labor Working Group hiring, salaries, temporary positions

“Do Better” -Love(,) Us: Guidelines for Developing and Supporting Grant-Funded Positions in Digital Libraries, Archives, and Museums

Research Agenda: Valuing Labor in Digital Libraries (August 2018)


Google Group


Gender Equity in Museums Movement gender equity

5 Things You Can Do to Support Gender Equity at Work

5 Things Your Museum Can Do to Support Gender Equity

How You Can Help

Gender Equity in Museum Leadership

Pay Gap

Demographics and Diversity

Employment and Labor Law

Future of Museum Leadership and Succession Planning

Museums as a Pink-Collar Profession: The Consequences and How to Address Them (March 2019)

A Call for Gender Equity in the Museum Workplace (November 2016)





Hiring Librarians hiring, salaries

Oh Hey, Share Your Salary Info Today! (August 19, 2019)

Hiring Librarians survey

Job hunter’s survey & follow-up interviews

Salary Spreadsheet

Hiring Librarians' Library Interview Question "Database"

State of the Library Job Market (October 10, 2015)

Information Maintainers advocacy toolkit Information Maintenance as a Practice of Care: An Invitation to Reflect and Share (June 17, 2019) Google Group
Labor Notes unions

Troublemakers School

Biennial Conference

Secrets of a Successful Organizer / Secretos de un organizador exitoso



Magazine Archives


Library Salaries Inequity salaries resource list
Modern Language Association hiring, salaries, temporary positions

Committee on the Status of Graduate Students in the Humanities

Committee on Contingent Labor in the Profession

MLA Statement on the Use of Part-Time and Full-Time Adjunct Faculty Members (February 1994)

Statement on Non-Tenure-Track Faculty Members (December 2003)


Mailing list

MLA Commons


National Council on Public History hiring Best Practices in Public History: Job Postings (March 2019)



National Emerging Museum Professionals Network hiring, salaries

Range on Museum Job Postings Letter Writing Campaign

Help Make Museums More Equitable




New England Archivists temporary positions New England Archivists Contingent Employment Study (January 2017) NEA Statement on Contingent Employment (2018)


Need Help with an Advocacy Issue?


Northwest Archivists internships NWA Archivist-in-Residence




@OrganizingLIS hiring, internships, salaries, signal boosting, temporary positions, unions Twitter
Postdoctoral Laborers Group temporary positions Postdoctoral Bill of Rights (April 9, 2019) Google Group
Precarity in Libraries temporary positions

Data set: Partnership Job Board job postings

Literature Review & Bibliography

Let’s talk precarity (or not): Libraries, community, and conversation

Hidden Variables: Researching While Precarious

Catalog Cards from the Edge: Precarity in Libraries

Progressive Librarians Guild salaries, temporary positions, unions

Union Library Workers

discussion list

Society of American Archivists Council internships, volunteers

SAA Update: Advocating For Archivist Pay

Council Resolution Honoring The UCLA Six

Best Practices for Internships as a Component of Graduate Archival Education (January 2014)

Practices for Volunteers in Archives (June 2014)

Only Paid Internships to Be Posted to the SAA Career Center (July 9, 2019)
Society of American Archivists Issues & Advocacy Section salaries, temporary positions Temporary Labor Survey Advocacy Toolkit Archivists on the Issues: Rare & Ephemeral: a snapshot of full-time New England archives jobs, 2018-2019


Report an advocacy issue

Society of American Archivists Students and New Archives Professionals Section internships, hiring

Academic Internship Survey

#snaprt chats: Topics include barriers to entry into the archival profession; erasure of archival labor; labor issues in archives

Ask an Archivist




Society of American Archivists Women Archivists Section gender equity, salaries The 2017 WArS/SAA Salary Survey: Initial Results and Analysis
Society of California Archivists hiring, internships, salaries, temporary positions, unions Task Force on Labor Issues within the Profession (2019-2021) Statement in Support of Temporary Archivists at UCLA





Western Archivists Listerv

Society of Southwest Archivists salaries Archives Regional Salary Research

Archival Pay and SAA: Some Modest Proposals (April 29, 2019)

Salary Information Now Required in Job Postings (March 11, 2019)

Poor Pay in Archives: How Our National Organizations are Failing Us (March 5, 2019)



News Blog


Tech Workers Coalition unions

Learning Club

• Local chapters (Austin, Berlin, Boston, DC, LA, London, NYC, PDX, San Diego, Seattle, SF Bay Area, South Florida)






Humanities Technology (UCLA) internships, temporary positions A Student Collaborators’ Bill of Rights (June 8, 2015)


UCLA Six (Temporary Librarians) temporary positions Open Letter (June 2018)

UCLA Library’s reliance on temporary workers is inefficient, unethical (July 29, 2018)

SAA Council Resolution Honoring The UCLA Six (August 2019)


Workers for Workers temporary positions, unions

#workersforworkers Survey

Solidarity Fund for Fired FB Contingent Workers





You Ought to Be Ashamed hiring, salaries, signal boosting, temporary positions, volunteers job posting reviews blog