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This is a page for a newly-forming DLF Working Group on Labor in Digital Libraries. Look for more info on this group's meetings and activities soon!

Working Group on Labor in Digital Libraries, Archives, and Museums

Read an announcement on the group's formation, by Ruth Tillman.

TO JOIN: please sign up for the Google Group.

As of April, 2017, this group is forming two smaller working groups with two facilitators each, based on themes pulled from member introductions and responses to the initial interest survey (now closed). Join a sub-group by filling out this form.

Both subgroups are collecting citations and materials relevant to their work in a Zotero group.

Contingency and Precarity

Facilitators: Ruth Tillman, Sandy Rodriguez

Potential topics: Grant-funded & term positions, organizing workers, digitization & labor (including labor of incarcerated workers), labor and digital scholarship, internships, credential creep/credentialism

Minutes page

Valuing Labor

Facilitators: Melissa Chalmers, Amy Wickner

Potential topics: Student labor, student loans, (in)visibility, service, emotional labor, maintenance, labor ethics, apprenticeships, internships, pre-professional training, acculturation, “fit,” hiring and retention practices especially re: members of marginalized communities, professionalization, credential creep / credentialism, labor and digital scholarship