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As of August 2020, the "inclusivity at the DLF forum" subgroup is/will be working on the following items:

  1. Creating an updated webinar on how to create accessible and interactive presentations online. The current resource is from Sept. 2017 and can be found at
    1. Updated Creating Accessible and Interactive Online Presentations
  2. Update the code of conduct for 2020 online format
  3. Develop some support information on inclusive discussions.
  4. Revisit Active Bystander Orientation for 2020: (either webinar or in-person at DLF forum). Existing resources from 2019 can be found at

from the old March 2020 list

  1. Revisit social events checklist:
  2. Investigate services for providing live closed-captioning at DLF plenary sessions.

Contact Aliya Reich for more information.

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