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As of March 2020, the "inclusivity at the DLF forum" subgroup is/will be working on the following items:

1) Creating an updated webinar on how to create accessible presentations.
The current resource is from Sept. 2017 and can be found at
  • 2020 Timeline:
    • April: Identify presenters
    • May: Schedule the live webinar for some time in Sept. or Oct.
    • June: Announce webinar along with notifications of proposal acceptance
    • July: Solidify content (slides and script)
    • August: Practice run-through
    • Sept./Oct.: Live webinar session (to be recorded)
2) Revisit social events checklist
3) Investigate services for providing live closed-captioning at DLF plenary sessions
4) Revisit Active Bystander Orientation for 2020
(either webinar or in-person at DLF forum). Existing resources from 2019 can be found at

Contact Sheila Rabun at for more information.

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