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=Slides: The Openlab Change Model=  
=Slides: The Openlab Change Model=  
==[[media type="custom" key="28634339"]]==  
==[[media type="custom" key="28640557"]]==  
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New.pngHigh resolution Openlab Workshop Ignite talks are all online

media type="youtube" key="g9cB4dSAoQ8" width="560" height="315" Above: Playlist of the Openlab Workshop Ignite talks, starting with a "supercut." Special thanks to editor/producer Daniel Kolen.

Ignite talks

A listing of all Ignite talks with videos and transcripts. Watch this space and [[1]] for more.

New.pngBlog post: Openlab Workshop recordings and report now available

Oliver Bendorf writing on the [Library Federation blog]: "In the months following the Openlab Workshop and Unconference/Ignite Talks, a handful of folks have been busy writing, analyzing, and synthesizing ideas, to chart a course forward. We here at DLF are excited to share with the broader community several outcomes of that process, inspired and informed by two days of collaboration and discussion focusing on transformational change in the GLAM sector." More at https://www.diglib.org/archives/11994/

New.pngOpenlab Workshop Report

A report on the Openlab Workshop by Diane Zorich, for the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR)

Icon-new-small.png List of Labs

A growing list of labs and lab-like programs

Slides: The Openlab Change Model

media type="custom" key="28640557"


That was intense and wonderful and you all amaze me. After we've slept and recovered a little we'll update this site and move things forward. Meanwhile, enjoy the low-rez "guerilla" webcast of the Ignite talks and the tweets and photos via #openlabworkshop


Twitter-Icon.pngTwitter: [[2]] Hashtag: #openlabworkshop

Help us understand what needs to "change" in the GLAM* sector and humanities, and how to change it

*GLAM = Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums December 1: Free Unconference and Ignite Talks to open up the conversation and put sharp new ideas on the table, 2pm - 8pm (register) December 2: A small meeting to digest what happened on Dec 1, debate the Openlab Concept, and plan a course forward (full / registration closed)

Openlab is envisioned as a solutions lab, convener, and consultancydesigned to accelerate the speed and impact of transformational changein the GLAM (gallery, library, archive, and museum) sectorOpenlab Concept one-pager

We'll be using this wiki to plan and execute the December 1-2 Openlab Workshop. Anyone can view everything on this wiki, but you'll need to become a member if you want to make comments or edits. (To request a membership click the little doohickey in the top right corner of the window.)

Nik Honeysett, CEO of Balboa Park Online Collaborative: Are our Leaders Leading?

Nik-honeysett-leaders.png Link to Nik's presentation

Openlab Workshop call-to-action

media type="youtube" key="76zG8bX4sw0" width="455" height="259" Video: Openlab Workshop teaser/trailer

December 1st Ignite speakers

Ignite-allSpeakers.png Samantha Abrams, Kibibi Ajanku, Nik Apostolides, Elizabeth Barton, Fenella France, Elissa Frankle, Jeffrey Inscho Lesley Kadish, Monica Montgomery, Kevin Novak, Eli Pousson, Rebecca Stavick, Chad Weinard, Beth Harris and Steven Zucker --> Read all about it!

[of American Archivists] joins as an Openlab Workshop Co-Convener

More than 80 organizations will be represented at the Openlab Workshop

Why you should join us or follow online:

  • Follow us on Twitter to stay in touch with news, debates, and calls-to-action. @OpenlabW Hashtag: #openlabworkshop
  • Come to the Unconference on December 1st. (free, but registration is required)
  • Get your organization involved as a Partner (Ask me how! user:edsonm)
  • Follow-along via Twitter, video stream, and this wiki on December 1 and 2

Info and registration for December 1, 2015 Ignite and Unconference in the Washington DC area

File:Openlab Twitter-Icon.pngTwitter: [[3]] Hashtag: #openlabworkshop

Update from Openlab's primary funder, the National Endowment for the Humanities

[Awards a Cooperative Agreement to the Council on Library and Information Resources for the Openlab Workshop]

About the Openlab Concept The National Endowment for the Humanities has funded, through a collaborative agreement with the Council on Libraries and Information Resources (CLIR), a two-day workshop and unconference to explore the Openlab concept. The workshop will be held on December 1-2 in the Washington, DC area.

#partnersOpenlab Workshop Organizers, Co-Conveners, and Partners

File:Openlabworkshop/Logo neh 50 logo 2color.jpg Logo-CLIR-Highrez-CLIRLogo-1945-sidetextHiRes.jpg File:Openlabworkshop/LogoAlliance logo FullColorOnWhite.jpg File:Openlabworkshop/LogoAAM Sub-Brand2 File:Openlabworkshop/Logo ala stacked.jpg File:Openlabworkshop/logo DPLA.png File:Openlabworkshop/DLF Logo.png Logo Metro.png Logo-SAAHoriz-Blue-238w.png File:Openlabworkshop/logo-BPOC-Logo.png File:Openlabworkshop/EU basic logo landscape black.png Logo-smarthistory.png File:Openlabworkshop/Logo-CapVisCntr c.pngLogo-Header-Retina-Carnegie.png Logo Historypin.pngFile:Openlabworkshop/logo-datasociety logotype transparent web.png

The Openlab Workshop is funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities [of Digital Humanities] and [of Public Programs] in a cooperative agreement with The Council on Library and Information Resources.

Workshop organizers and co-conveners are the American Alliance of Museums [for the Future of Museums], [American Library Association] [for the Future of Libraries], The [Public Library of America], the [Library Federation], the [New York Library Council], and [new] the Society of American Archivists

Workshop partners support the Openlab Workshop through leadership, participation, and/or financial support for the Unconference and Ignite talks: Balboa Park Online Collaborative, [Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh Innovation Studio], [& Society], [[4]], [[5]], [[6]], U.S. Capitol Visitors Center

Watch this space for news...

Watch this wiki and @openlabw, [[7]], [[8]] and @CLIRDLF on Twitter, as well as your favorite mailing lists and hashtags for news and updates. Email: openlabworkshop [at] gmail [dot] com Contact me user:edsonm



Twitter-Icon.png Twitter: [[9]] Hashtag: [[10]]