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This page gathers the IT Subcommittee's resources and reviews of the accessibility of This page will be updated as new information is available or further reviews are conducted.

Accessibility Overview

There are several ways to use Our testing focused on Poll Creation and Filling out a Poll. We did not test the full Premium Doodle account, the advanced calendaring/enterprise options, or the mobile apps.

Poll creation

In general, the Monthly and Text poll creation pages are generally accessible via keyboard and/or with a screen reader. The default option, Weekly, is NOT accessible, as it requires the use of the mouse to select time blocks, and the only text on that is screen reader accessible is the delete option. The best browser to use is Chrome, as some options are not accessible in Safari. Firefox had too many barriers to even test the page. There is a "more" option menu once you create a poll which is not accessible at all by keyboard or screen reader. If you are using the Text poll option, you may find your usual surveying software to be preferable, as it functions the same as just entering any text in the creation fields.

Filling out a Doodle Poll

When filling out a Doodle Poll, the Table view is generally accessible. It comes up as a standard table with headings, but it doesn’t have audio cues for the Yes if Needed/Maybe option. Calendar view is less accessible.

General Information

Known Accessibility Issues

Other Resources

  • 2016 tweet by (not accessible)
  • 2016 post on (accessible in terms of filling out an already set up form, but not sure how accessible it is to set up)
  • 2016 post on (not accessible to set up, but haven’t tried all views)
  • 2016 post on (accessible to create if you use the text view, not calendar)
  • 2012 blog post on (mentions optimized accessibility for Doodle iPad app)
  • 2011 blog post by Terrill Thompson