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The DLF Digital Scholarship Working Group formed at the 2017 Forum in Pittsburgh to bring together librarians, coordinators, specialists, and project managers working in digital scholarship broadly or digital humanities specifically and sharing the charge of supporting digital research projects, coordinating community efforts, and bridging campus silos with few resources, minimal infrastructure, and informal partnerships. The group includes those working in established, fully staffed digital scholarship units or centers whose experiences enrich discussions and inform initiatives.

Get Involved

Google Group

The Google Group serves as a forum for continued and expanded conversations, planning, and tip-sharing. Each month, a guest moderator drives conversations on a specific topic of their choosing. The group is open to anyone interested in digital scholarship and digital humanities work in libraries. Join here.

#DLFds Twitter Chats

Twitter chats provide a forum for discussing specific topics of interest proposed by members of our group. Members may propose a topic through the listserv or review previous chats here.


The DLF DSWG Zotero group is intended as a Digital Scholarship reading list, curated by members of the DSWG.

Creative Engagements

We are always on the lookout for creative, rapid-prototype, distributed-effort ways of engaging with each other. If you have any creative idea you want us to pursue that will help us understand an issue or improve our work, make sure to bring it up for discussion on the Google Group.



DLFxDHSI was a one-day unconference—a grassroots, conversation-based event without predetermined presentations—on the theme of digital libraries, digital humanities, and social justice, hosted by the Digital Library Federation in partnership with the Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI) in Victoria, BC, June 8-9, 2018. The event began with a DHSI Institute Lecture by DLF Executive Director Bethany Nowviskie "Reconstitute the World: Machine Reading Archives of Mass Extinction" and a joint DLF/DHSI poster/digital demo session and reception on Friday. The highly collaborative and interactive DLFxDHSI unconference sessions ran throughout the day on Saturday, June 9. Find the shared notes for unnconference here.