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The DLF Project Managers group is an informal community within the larger DLF community. The group provides a forum for sharing project management methodologies and tools, alongside broader discussions that consider issues such as portfolio management and cross-organizational communication. The group also looks to keep pace with the dynamic digital library landscape, by bringing new and evolving project management practices to the attention and mutual benefit of our colleagues.


The Digital Library Federation Project Managers Group (DLF PMG) was formed in 2008 to acknowledge the intersection of the disciplines of project management and library technology. Past meeting presentations and notes 2008-2017 are available on the DLF website.

Project Management Toolkit

The DLF Project Managers Toolkit is a collaborative project, based on contributions by members of DLF PMG and the public. The Toolkit offers crowdsourced information, tips, techniques, and tools for project managers working in or with digital libraries. First initiated as a Google doc by Jennifer Vinopal at New York University in February 2013, the toolkit has grown and evolved over the years as a living document to share experiences and link out to resources.

To contribute to the Project Managers Toolkit login at the top right of the page, then select the Edit tab. If you are a first-time contributor, select ‘create account’ at the top right of the page and send a request to info@diglib.org to get access to edit pages, add links, or share documentation. (We had to add in this step because the bots were getting us.)

Get Involved

1. Join the DLF PMG listserv open to anyone interested in digital library project management.

2. Join in the 2018 DLF-PM Group Bi-Monthly Discussion. To volunteer to moderate a discussion or suggest a topic edit the table below or email anyone on the steering committee.

Topic Date Format
Labor in Digital Work February 12-16, 2018 Multi-day discussion available through the listserv archive and summary
Tools for Project Management April 3-10, 2018 Multi-day discussion available in full through the listserv archive and summary
Service and Portfolio Management August 13-17, 2018 TBD
Sunsetting for Projects TBD TBD
Scope Creep TBD TBD
Agile Development TBD TBD

3. Attend the Project Managers Working Meeting at the DLF Forum each year, where members of the group discuss various needs and topics and work to identify ways to support them. We've just confirmed we will be hosting a working breakfast/lunch at the 2018 Forum so you there on Monday, October 15 • 12:00pm - 1:30pm ! You can see past years programs and notes here DLF Project Managers past meetings 2008-2017

4. Join the DLF-PM Steering Committee. The steering committee meets online throughout the year to work on projects and organizes the annual forum working breakfast/lunch session. Anyone is welcome to join throughout the year. Email the Chair for more information or to join future meetings.

2018 Steering Committee

Sarah Severson, McGill University Library, Chair
Cristela Garcia Spitz, UC San Diego
Beth German, Texas A&M
Meghan Musolff, University of Michigan
Robin Pike, University of Maryland, College Park
Christine Quirion, MIT Libraries
Becky Thoms, Utah State University
Cynthia York, Johns Hopkins University

Past meetings

DLF 2017, PMG Meeting, Pittsburgh / DLF PMG 2017 Shared Notes DLF 2016, PMG Meeting, Milwaukee, Wisconsin / DLF PMG 2016 Shared Notes DLF 2015, PMG Meeting, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada / DLF PMG 2015 Shared Notes DLF 2014, PMG Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia, October 28, 2014 / DLF PMG 2014 Shared Notes DLF 2013, Post-Conference PMG Meeting, Austin, Texas, November 7, 2013 / DLF PMG 2013 Shared Notes DLF 2012, Pre-Conference PMG Meeting, Denver, Colorado, November 3, 2012 / DLF PMG 2012 Shared Notes DLF 2011, Post-Conference PMG Meeting, DLF 2011, Baltimore, Maryland, November 2, 2011 / DLF PMG 2011 Shared Notes DLF Fall Forum 2010, Pre-Conference PMG Meeting, Palo Alto, California, November 1, 2010 DLF Fall Forum 2009, PMG Meeting, Long Beach, California, November 12, 2009 / DLF PMG Fall 2009 Shared Notes DLF Spring Forum 2009, Pre-Conference PMG Meeting, Raleigh, North Carolina, May 4, 2009 DLF Fall Forum 2008, Post-Conference PMG Meeting, Providence, Rhode Island, November 14, 2008