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We strive to make DLF events and initiatives as welcoming and accessible as possible. Since the 2016 DLF Forum, our Forum Planning Committees have included a sub-committee on inclusivity issues. The work of the Inclusivity Committee has been so important to us, and has made a significant impact to the experiences of our attendees. To provide guidance for DLF staff and for the community year-round, we are creating a new, standing DLF Committee for Equity and Inclusion.


Our 2016-2018 Forum Inclusivity Committees were made up of volunteers who have thoughtfully and collaboratively implemented initiatives, including:

  • Expanding and updating DLF’s Code of Conduct
  • Reviewing the conference registration form to ensure that registrants have the opportunity to provide us with accommodation requests, preferred pronouns, dietary restrictions, etc.
  • Serving in intentional “connector” roles to our many other Forum planning groups (from the social and local planning committees to the program and sponsorship committees), to ensure that the spirit of inclusivity touches every aspect of Forum planning
  • Designating and publicizing a quiet room, nursing room, gender-neutral restrooms, and other features at the Forum venue
  • Helping to arrange DLF Forum childcare services
  • Setting up and publicizing community note-taking docs, compiling important accessibility tips for people creating slide decks, and promoting sharing of conference materials through DLF’s OSF for Meetings account
  • Facilitating ride-share and room-share connections via a public exchange, to help make the Forum more economically accessible
  • Serving as a helpful sounding-board for DLF staff who are working to organize the Forum, and assisting with other projects, large and small

Join the Standing Committee

The new, year-round DLF Committee for Equity and Inclusion will aim to build and support more inclusive, diverse, and equitable communities of practice. We envision this to be a lightweight group that advises DLF staff, shares expertise and resources, and collaborates with annual Forum “Community” committees to ensure that a spirit of inclusivity permeates the work those groups do in supporting on-site Forum programming. Do you have an article to recommend? Tips on organizing inclusive in-person or remote events? We hope to utilize the expertise of this group when planning the DLF Forum and DLFx events, but also to serve as a framework for community members to ask questions and offer advice.

Interested in volunteering for the standing committee? Please join our Google Group and stay tuned for more information. We plan to have a call in February 2019 for introductions as well as to discuss avenues forward and the 2019 DLF Forum!

Call Information and Agenda

This information will be posted soon!