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This page provides information for those who would like to become involved with the DLF's Committee for Equity and Inclusion (CEI). It includes information for the general membership, as well as specific information to those who will serve in an administrative and/or leadership capacity.


Digital Library Federation (DLF)

The Digital Library Federation is a community of practitioners who advance research, learning, social justice, and the public good through the creative design and wise application of digital library technologies. For a full description of DLF, please visit the About the Digital Library Federation page.

Committee on Equity & Inclusion (CEI)

For an overview of the CEI, please visit:

  • DLF CEI Wiki - contains background on the CEI, as well as information on joining the standing committee (including a link to the Google Group and meeting agendas), links to the five sub-groups, as well as the goals and activities. Group members can edit the Wiki.
  • CEI description on DLF website - contains background and history on CEI, past initiatives, information on joining the standing committee (including a link to the Google Group and wiki), and important resources (including the DLF Organizer’s Toolkit). It’s not a page that CEI members have easy access to edit. Only Staff members can edit the web pages (updates go to info@diglib.org and/or Gayle).

CEI leadership

Scope of CEI work

CEI’s relationship to DLF

Key Contacts

  • DLF staff (info@diglib.org will reach the people below) representation required at CEI meetings
    • Jennifer Ferretti ​​jferretti@clir.org (Senior Program Officer)
    • Gayle Schechter gschechter@clir.org (Program Associate) - general support, especially working group related issues; official CLIR/DLF representative at the CEI meeting.
    • Aliya Reich areich@clir.org (Program Manager for Conferences & Events) - focused primarily on Forum related touchpoints.
  • Board of Directors: CLIR is governed by a board of directors representing large and small academic libraries, research institutes and collections, scholarly associations, and publishers. The Board sets policy, oversees the investment of funds, establishes goals, and approves strategies for their achievement. For a list of the Board of Directors, please visit the Governance page.

DLF Groups

  • The DLF Groups page contains more information on DLF’s active Groups, as well as links to the DLF-Announce listserv, how to start/revive groups, how to get involved with Groups, and learning more about CLIR/DLF affiliates and membership cohorts. Please note that DLF Groups are open to all, not just DLF members.
  • DLF Delegating responsibilities to the Groups: DLF gets support from CEI for the Forum, but that’s it.
  • How do the Groups interact with each other

DLF Organizers’ Toolkit

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DLF CEI specifics

Organizational structure

The DLF CEI is organized into an Admin Group and subgroups.

DLF CEI Admin Group

The Admin Group is comprised of a small group of co-chairs who work to ensure the ongoing functioning and stability of the Committee as a whole, as described in its stated charge and scope of responsibilities.


  • Subgroups are focused on specific areas of work based on the interests and capacity of the CEI membership at that time.
  • Each group develops a charge (approved by consensus and with support from the CEI Admin Group) and selects a chair and vice-chair.
  • Documents and artefacts related to the work of the subgroup (charge, running agenda, etc.) are created and managed in a dedicated subfolder within the DLF CEI Google Drive.
  • CEI members can propose discussing the formation of a new subgroup at any time; a decision to establish a subgroup will come out of those discussions.
  • Subgroups typically disband upon the completion of their deliverables, with the exception of the ongoing “Inclusivity @ the DLF Forum” subgroup that provides support for the annual DLF Forum’s inclusivity goals.
  • Spreadsheet of subgroups and members, past/present


Admin Group meeting

  • Frequency: monthly, the Monday before the CEI monthly meeting
  • Attendees: CEI co-chairs

General CEI meeting

  • Frequency: monthly
  • Schedule the year’s meetings at the beginning of the year;
    • Send out a survey after the New Year to identify an optimal recurring time.
    • Get the year’s meetings scheduled with current CLIR/DLF staff contact (currently Gayle Schechter).
  • Attendees: open to anyone; facilitated by an Admin Group co-chair; CLIR/DLF staff participate--Gayle Schechter is the CLIR/DLF representative

Subgroup meetings

  • Frequency: monthly or more frequently as needed; facilitated by subgroup chair(s)
  • Attendees: open to anyone, but organized around the needs and schedules of committed subgroup volunteers. CLIR/DLF staff participate

Meeting agendas

Meeting agendas are created and maintained in the appropriate subfolder of the DLF CEI shared Google Drive.



Members of the CEI and subgroups are recruited on an ongoing basis, primarily through the following:

  • Announcements at the annual DLF Forum: DLF working groups receive the opportunity to present on the work of their group during designated sessions. The registration form for the Forum also offers individuals the option to be added to the listservs of different working groups.
  • DLF-Announcements list and Community Calendar: Events and meetings are shared via the DLF-Announcements list, as well as added to the DLF Community Calendar, by CLIR staff on behalf of working groups. To have an event shared via these channels, contact dlf-announce@lists.clir.org
  • Individual CEI members making announcements and calls through their own networks.
  • A recruitment email template can be used as a starting point.
  • Members are encouraged to be as actively engaged as they are comfortable, and are also welcome to simply attend meetings to be part of the community. Members are also asked to review the DLF Code of Conduct before attending their first CEI meeting.

Leadership (Admin and subgroup Chairs)

  • Admin co-chairs and subgroup chairs and vice-chairs have additional responsibilities for actively maintaining these groups:
    • Take the lead responsibility for defining the group’s charge and purpose in conversation with the Admin group and the larger DLF CEI members
    • Setting up and running regular group meetings
    • Creating a running agenda and capturing notes about the group’s activities
    • Ensuring that deliverables are identified
    • Organizing group members to work towards accomplishing deliverables
    • Recruiting members and chairs as needed
    • Creating an inclusive, supporting environment so that all are able to participate to the extent they wish and in ways that feel comfortable
    • Reporting back at the CEI monthly meeting
    • Ensure that the respective Wiki page describing the sub-group is up to date, and send any required updates to the Wiki subgroup chair(s)
  • These responsibilities should be made clear when recruiting folks to take on these roles.

Communication and Outreach

DLF CEI Google Group

The DLF CEI has a dedicated Google Group and associated email address for communicating with DLF CEI members: dlf-committee-for-equity-and-inclusion@googlegroups.com. It is updated as DLF staff gathers names and email addresses of interested people gathered from Forum registration and provides them to the Admin co-chairs.

Admin Group responsibilities

  • Monthly updates to the CEI Google group, sent shortly after the monthly CEI meeting, recapping highlights and action items. This ensures that individuals who missed the meeting or are interested/supportive, but unable to attend regular meetings can stay up to date and possibly participate outside of the monthly meetings.
  • CEI monthly meeting reminders, using this CEI Meeting reminder template.
  • Recruiting new members and chairs, using a recruitment email template as a starting point for spreading the word to others about participating in the CEI and/or subgroups.

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Google Drive

  • Contact the DLF liaison (currently Gayle Schechter) to be added to the Google Drive.
  • The DLF CEI Google Drive is used to manage all of the group’s documents. Each subgroup has a dedicated folder for meeting agendas, notes and other content.

DLF CEI Google Group




  • An an ad hoc/ongoing basis, any individual can use the Google Group process to request membership.
  • As part of DLF Forum registration, people indicate which working groups they’re interested in and CLIR staff will send a spreadsheet with those names and email addresses.

DLF CEI wiki

CEI members can use the “Request Account” link to submit a form to get permission to edit the wiki.

DLF website & DLF CEI landing page

  • Managed by DLF staff; requests for changes should be made to our current DLF liaisons.
  • Should be considered a public “landing page” for the working group

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CLIR/DLF Admin support

DLF liaisons


DLF Organizers Toolkit

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