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The User Needs (renamed User Studies) wiki page has moved:
== What are the best methods for assessing user needs with regards to digital libraries? ==
The User Needs Sub-Group will be compiling resources, conducting research, and drafting literature to assist those who are interesting in evaluating users of digital repositories and their needs.
== Addressing users and user needs ==
Participants identified four assessment topics to explore during the [ Assessment Breakout Session] at the 2014 DLF Forum:
# User/Usability studies
# Identifying users and uses
# Return On Investment (ROI)
# Reuse of content/what do users do with content
These four groups will make up the focus of a white paper on assessing users and user needs.  The sub-group will complete a series of tasks to generate the white paper:
# Compile a bibliography -- Currently in progress
# Develop a literature review
# Create complementary content, including:
## Templates/guides
## Toolkits
## Original Research
# Draft and publish a white paper on assessing users and user needs in digital libraries
The sub-group will publish the white paper prior to the 2015 DLF Forum. Volunteers will be completing tasks in the order listed above to build up to the publication of the white paper.  If you are interested in participating in one of the tasks, please fill out our [ User Studies Participant] spreadsheet.
== Learning more and getting involved ==
The sub-group maintains a [ Google Drive folder], which contains meeting notes and drafts of working documents.
If you have any questions, or are interested in participating in the sub-group, please contact [ Santi Thompson].

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The User Needs (renamed User Studies) wiki page has moved: