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Building on the recommendations from Surveying the Landscape: Use and Usability Assessment of Digital Libraries, the User Studies Working Group's Content Reuse subgroup is focused on developing a needs assessment to better understand the desired scope and functionality of a toolkit designed to measure digital library object reuse.

Current Project

The subgroup has submitted a grant proposal to the Institute of Museum and Library Services to obtain funding to complete this needs assessment. The project's preliminary proposal can be found here.


In preparation for the submission of this application, the project team has conducted an environmental scan of existing tools and resources as well as of non-reuse toolkits to identify the ideal components to include in a future toolkit.

Proposed Grant Activities

An IMLS National Leadership/National Forum Grant will enable stakeholders from a variety of institutions to meet with members of the project team to discuss the issues facing implementation of content reuse assessment, the tools and resources identified in the environmental scan, necessary infrastructure for the toolkit, and next steps towards toolkit development.

About the Toolkit

The ultimate goal of the toolkit will be to provide a roadmap, tools, techniques, and documentation to assess the reuse of materials within a given digital library in order to help libraries plan and deliver content to different user groups. The toolkit will provide analysis of the purpose, strengths, and weaknesses of available tools and allow the user to choose the resources that best fit their assessment needs. Included resources will support the full lifecycle of reuse assessment, from defining goals, assembling vetted tools, and pointing to current studies and research in this area.

Project Team

  • Genya O’Gara, Virtual Library of Virginia
  • Elizabeth Kelly, Loyola University New Orleans
  • Martha Kyrilidou, QualityMetrics
  • Caroline Muglia, University of Southern California
  • Ayla Stein, University of Illinois
  • Santi Thompson, University of Houston
  • Liz Woolcott, Utah State University

Get Involved

The working group maintains a Google Drive folder, which contains meeting notes and drafts of working documents. Our work is also archived using the Open Science Framework.

If you have any questions, or are interested in participating in the working group, please contact Santi Thompson. You can also fill out our User Studies Participant spreadsheet.


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