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The DLF Assessment Interest Group (DLF AIG) analytics working group first formed in the Fall of 2014 following the successful launch of the larger DLF AIG and the DLF fall forum. In 2016, the group renamed itself to the Web Analytics Working Group to reflect the group's focus on web-based analytics tools, best practices and information sharing. In 2015 the group published a white paper on the use of Google Analytics in Digital Libraries, and in 2016 they developed a broad annotated bibliography of case studies to supplement the white paper (links to both resources below).

Current Projects

Throughout 2016 the Web Analytics group assembled an annotated bibliography of resources for digital library staff and managers. Gathered from a large variety of resource types (blogs, articles, presentations and more), the bibliography is intended to provide case studies of how digital libraries use web analytics to assess their programs, collaborate with other institutions, make decisions, and more. As of Fall 2016, the resource is an evolving Google doc that includes citations, annotations, and recommendations.

All are welcome to contribute to the annotated bibliography!

Principal Authors:

  • Molly Bragg (Coordinator of the Web Analytics Working Group), Duke University Libraries
  • Nik Dragovic, Emory University
  • Rita Johnston, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Get Involved!

Anyone with any experience using or considering using web analytics tools in digital libraries is invited to contribute to the annotated bibliography.

The group is meeting in early 2017 to determine this year's projects. Some possible goals include, but aren't limited to:

  • Continuing development of the annotated bibliography
  • Facilitating webinars
  • Fostering a community of practice around web analytics
  • Collaboration with other AIG working groups on a range of projects

Please share your questions, ideas and conversation with the DLF AIG Web Analytics Google Group or contact Rita Johnston directly (rjohn211 at

Past Projects

In December 2014, the DLF AIG analytics working group set out to draft recommendations for using web analytics for assessment in digital libraries. The group eventually decided to scope their efforts around a subset of the metrics in the widely adopted Google Analytics service. Library-centric examples were also gathered to support each recommended metric. The resulting 2015 white paper, "Best Practices for Google Analytics in Digital Libraries" is now available. The white paper is intended for digital library managers, and curators who want to use analytics to understand more about users of, access to, and use of digital library materials.

Access to the white paper is available via the Open Science Framework.

White Paper Authors:

  • Molly Bragg (Co-coordinator of the Analytics Working Group), Duke University Libraries
  • Joyce Chapman (Co-coordinator of the Analytics Working Group), Duke University Libraries
  • Jody DeRidder, University of Alabama Libraries
  • Rita Johnston, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • Ranti Junus, Michigan State University
  • Martha Kyrillidou, Association of Research Libraries
  • Eric Stedfeld, New York University

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