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The DLF CEI Admin Group comprises a small subset of active CEI members and leads the short- and long-term work of CEI. The Admin Group meets monthly and individual members work in between time to address the following areas of responsibility:

  • CEI meetings
    • Maintaining an ongoing CEI meeting invite and managing participants
    • Setting agendas for the CEI meetings
    • Taking meeting minutes
  • Subgroups
    • Ensuring the ongoing stability and leadership of subgroups
    • Ensuring that each subgroup has a yearly work plan with concrete deliverables
    • Delegating work to the Sub-Groups if/as appropriate
  • Facilitating discussion and consensus among CEI subgroups about priorities for each year
  • Onboarding
    • Chairs and vice-chairs of sub-groups
    • New members to the CEI group
  • DLF Forum
    • Producing CEI deliverables around the DLF Forum
      • “Inclusivity at the Forum” (Mostly over the summer, early fall)
        • Creating Accessible Presentations (and general accessibility of the Forum)/Inclusive spaces guidance
        • Code of Conduct
        • Bystander Training
        • Tech advisory
      • Providing updates at the Forum or considering Forum submissions at central level
    • Providing guidance and support on CEI issues related to the annual Forum
  • Recruiting new members
    • Forum is an opportunity for this (November)
    • Monthly communications
  • Communications
    • Communicating monthly and regular updates to the CEI community
    • Reaching out beyond the CEI to highlight group activities and establish broader partnerships
    • Ensuring that the Wiki is regularly updated
    • Communication accomplishments to DLF staff


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