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* [ AMIA-DLF Hack Day 2018 ]
* [ AMIA-DLF Hack Day 2018 ]
* [ AMIA-DLF Hack Day 2019]
* [ AMIA-DLF Hack Day 2019]
* [ AMIA-DLF Hack Day 2021]

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Since 2013, DLF has co-sponsored an annual Hack Day at AMIA conferences, sometimes sending DLF practitioners as funded fellows to participate and sometimes fostering "cross-pollinator" collaborations with our DLF Forum and the National Digital Stewardship Alliance's Digital Preservation conference.

AMIA-DLF Hack Days are unique opportunities for practitioners and managers of digital audiovisual collections to join with digital library developers and engineers for an intense day of collaboration to develop solutions for audiovisual preservation and access.

More information on AMIA-DLF Hack Days can be found at these links: