2021.04.20 Digital Library Pedagogy Twitter Chat

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"Transcribing Together – Crowdsourcing on Digital Projects"

Collaborative transcription events allow people to gather around a text, to engage with visual and textual material from the past and with fellow participants as they puzzle through the mysteries presented on the page, creating community in new ways. This twitter conversation will discuss how to structure, keep track of, and enjoy engagement with collaborative transcription events. This #DLF chat will be co-hosted by Caterina Agostini (@CateAgostini) and Laura Morreale (@LauraMorreale). Ahead of April 20th's chat, the co-hosts have shared two examples of crowdsourced transcription projects: La Sfera Challenge (transcriptions from which are archived here: [1]) and Image du Monde, (transcriptions from which are archived here: [2]).

This chat is at 2:00 pm EST on Tuesday, April 20th, 2021. Questions will be tweeted from the @CLIRDLF handle. Join in and follow by tweeting with and looking at the #DLFteach hashtag. Questions? Contact the #DLFteach coordinator. All are welcome!


Questions still under construction! Check back here soon for a full list of the questions we'll ask during the Twitter chat.


The Tags (CSV) and the tweets will be archived in OSF and Wakelet. Check back here a couple of days after the Twitter chat to rehash what we talked about!