2018.01.09 Digital Library Pedagogy Twitter Chat

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  • Welcome! This #DLFteach chat is hosted by @NickHomenda & @ararebit
  • Follow along with the #DLFteach hashtag, and don’t forget to include it in your responses along with the Q number (e.g. Q1)
  • For this session of #DLFteach, we’re looking ahead to #DLFxDHSI, an unconference on the theme of digital libraries, digital humanities, and social justice, this summer @dhinstitute.
  • Questions will be Tweeted from @CLIRDLF. Ready? Here we go! #DLFteach
  • First, introduce yourself! #DLFteach
  • Q1: How have you engaged in social justice work in your digital library teaching, scholarship, and practice? #DLFteach
  • Q2: How can we think critically about the interdisciplinary, intersectional methods that social justice work necessitates? #DLFteach
  • Q3: How can digital libraries and DH pedagogy create both digital and physical spaces for students to follow theory with action? #DLFteach
  • Q4: Much of our digital library practice is collaborative. What strategies can we use to advocate for principles of social justice within collaborative undertakings, particularly when we are not the project “owner”? #DLFteach
  • Q5: Inspired by our conversation so far, what is one thing you resolve to do in the coming year to enact social justice within your digital library practice? #DLFteach
  • Thank you for participating in this #DLFteach chat!
  • Did today’s conversation whet your appetite for #DLFxDHSI this June? Register now! It’ll be better with you there. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/dlfxdhsi-2018-registration-41147732977
  • Better yet, propose a 90-second lightning talk, poster, or digital demo for #DLFxDHSI! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSclcSB6G3R6LoEw_LOjq6cNBlfHu89Zrd90LoFzknkMJzEd1w/viewform
  • Want to be a part of #DLFteach? Learn more about what we do and how you can get involved! https://wiki.diglib.org/Pedagogy


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